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Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide you the Healthiest most natural Healing, Relaxing Services & Organic Ayurvedic Products, In a Healthy, Healing, Stress-free Environment.

We care about our Mother Earth; We want there to be a Healthy Natural future for our Children & generations to follow.  We all need to do our part in protecting our Earth and our environment, plus yourself.  Avoiding using chemicals is better for you, better for all and our Earth, sharing & caring about our Earth and You.

We are all about you Relaxing and De-Stressing,  and we take the extra steps to take you there.  

Every service begins and ends with  Aromatherapy.  Beginning your journey with a relaxing blend of Essential Oils and ending your session with a mix of Essential Oils to bring your body and mind back to an Awaken state.

Rested, Relaxed, Refreshed....

Mind, Body & Spirit.

Calming Music and friendly people greet you, and we genuinely appreciate your business.

It is our goal to take your Experience with Massage, skin care, and Wellness to a whole new level.   

The Moment you walk through our doors, your journey begins. The scent of Exotic Lemongrass is everywhere to clear your aura and your energy. 


Allow yourself to be open to all you will experience while on your journey with us.

Visit our Water Bar where you will find Fresh lemon or fruited water, Mountain Spring water, Coconut Water, VOSS and Organic Herb Teas are offered to refresh your body before and after your Treatment. We do not serve anything bottled in Toxic Plastic.

Our Massage creams and oils are blended with 10+ different organic Healthy oils and essential oils.

An Amazing Experience… 

Just a Beautiful Place to Relax, De-Stress, Heal and Rejuvenate…

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