Experiencing a Miracle?  We know how precious and stressing this time is for you. We are Devoted to women entering motherhood; this nurturing prenatal massage focusses on the unique needs of pregnancy by relieving tension and stress on joints and stabilizing hormone levels. Being utterly supported easing the physical discomforts of pregnancy through rhythmic strokes and skillful depth. Our team of specialized prenatal massage therapists will safely and effectively melt tension from throughout the body while completely relaxing and de-stressing your Mind Body and Spirit…

Connecting to Prana “The life force Energy” that even baby will benefit from.  When you’re Calm & relaxed so will your baby…
Listening to bio-rhythmic music helps you to disconnect from thought and control the breath…
Resulting in a fantastic experience for you and your baby.
Benefits of Prenatal Massage:

Reduces stress, promotes relaxation facilitates the transition through emotional support and physical nurturing
Reduces edema and blood pressure relieves varicose veins and increases blood and lymph circulation
Facilitates hormonal, respiratory, gastrointestinal, urinary and other psychological processes
Reduces musculoskeletal pain
Releases oxytocin which is the Love Hormone.. and dopamine the feel-good hormone.. in the brain,
Contributes to developing flexibility and kinesthetic awareness
Fosters maternal touch….

Prenatal Therapeutic Massage


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